KAKE-DA-HOTEL Franchise in India

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Kake-da-hotel was in the year 1931 in Lahore. It was founded by Late Shri Amolak Ram Chopra in the pre-independence era.

The restaurant is specialized in Mughlai dishes and adding to this it some of its own specialties as well.

It is also considered to be as the pioneer of many mughlai dishes. The chefs are of top quality to ensure the quality of the food.

KAKE-DA-HOTEL Franchise in India

Kake-da-hotel has been getting appreciations from celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, businessman for its service. The response was so good that it started to expand its business beyond Delhi NCR.

Why to start Kake-Da-Hotel?

The food industry in India is growing at a very rapid pace. People have now become food lovers and they explore various kinds of food. People are in regular search for good and tasty food.

So entering into this industry is a very good option. If you want to start your own business or searching for any business opportunity then this segment is one of the best options for you.

The only problem is that the quality of the food should be really good if it is not then people will not visit your outlet. But this problem is also solved since franchise of KAKE-DA-HOTEL is available in India.

They are looking for a new franchise so grab this opportunity of getting a franchise of a pre-independence era restaurant and start your business with a brand name.



  • One of the oldest restaurants in India. So it has built a lot of reputation over the years.
  • Considered to be the pioneers of many mughlai dishes. So it is a restaurant that will provide customers with the best taste.
  • It has presence in good location so increases its visibility.
  • You will get a brand name which is in existence since 1931.
  • It provides you top quality training to run your business effectively.


  • Area: 600-4000 sq ft
  • Investment: 30 lac – 1.4 crore
  • Expected return on investment is 65%.


For franchise opportunity Call @ 7827719099

Mail: franchisebatao@gmail.com

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