Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

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Today we are come up with the amazing food Momo Magic Cafe Franchise, so without any wasting of time let’s get started. So momos are one of the famous junk food which everybody eats.

And if I talk about the franchise of momo magic face then just take this franchise and expand your future because it will not gonna stop ever.

About Momo Magic Cafe

The beginning and derivation of momo are unsure yet the dish is through to be natural in beginning. Since this dish was at first well known among the Newar community of Kathmandu valley, one pervasive conviction is that Newaritraders brought momo methods from Lhasa, Tibbet.

Momo magic cafe is a Quick Service Restaurant Chain serving hot luxurious food with the Best fixings that too at an Affordable Price? Momo Magic bistro was brought into the world with the goal of turning into India’s ideal and greatest Fast Food Franchise Chain by 2021.

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About Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

Momo Magic cafe started in the year 2018, Patna with the unique concept of Momo and other Variety of Fast food under one roof.

All the Customers who visited Momo Magic cafe are very happy with the services and quality of the Momos.

That’s why The new brand of Momo’s Business has opened 5 to 6 stores of momo magic all over India.  Momo magic franchise is the cheapest fast-food franchise.

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Benefits of Taking the Franchise of Momo Magic Cafe

Momo’s Business is the fastest growing business in the Restaurant Sector. If you are looking to open a Franchise of Momo Business then below mentioned Points are Useful for you.

  • Momo magic cafe (MMC) is the fastest-growing fast-food restaurant in India.
  • It is a quick-service restaurant chain.
  • Serving hot sumptuous food.
  • Complete range of fast food / Beverages
  • Best quality ingredients.
  • Much other variety of fast food is also available.
  • Quick turn around

Investments in Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

Momo’s Business in India will start from the Investment of very Low capital but they cannot maintain the quality of the food And in the Food and Beverages Franchise sector, you must be aware of the quality of Food.

If you want to start the Franchise of Momo Magic cafe in India the You Required :

  1. The total investment of INR 5 – 10 lakhs depends on the size and location of the store.
  2. Outlet size should be 200 – 600 sq. ft.
  3. franchise cost is 3 lakhs and 18% GST.
  4. 4% on gross monthly sales.
  5. There are 5 years of a renewal option.
  6. Food supply: From the central kitchen/approved vendor/brands only.

There are 2 models in the Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

  1. Take away/ Delivery outlet/food court model (100-200 sq ft.)
  2. Dining model (300-600 sq. ft)

The company will provide full support to its customers.

  1. Centralized inventory management and supply chain support.
  2. Provision of a full set of operating manuals including pre-opening and day-to-day operations.
  3. Provision of management, operational, technical advice, and guidance.
  4. Visits to the franchised territory for the purpose of management & financial advice and guidance.
  5. Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts.
  6. Continuous market research, development, and the introduction of new products.
  7. Continuous update of operational manuals.

How to apply for the momo magic cafe franchise:

  • Call us at 7827719099, 7557557007
  • Mail Us at
  • Apply by form: Click on the form

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