Momo Magic Cafe Franchise


Momo Magic Cafe Franchise

Momo Magic cafe  started in year 2018, patna and under the 6 months they have opened 5 to 6 store of momo magic in all over india. Momo magic franchise is the cheapest fast food franchise.

  • Momo magic cafe (MMC) is the fastest growing fast food resturant in india.
  • It is quick service resturant chain.
  • Serving hot sumptuous food.
  • Complete range of fast food / Beverages
  • Best quality ingredients.
  • Many other variety of fast food also available.
  • Quick turnaround


Investments in Momo magic cafe franchise –

  • Total investment of INR 5 – 10 lakhs that depends on size and location of the store.
  • Outlet size should be 200 – 600 sq.ft.
  • franchise cost is 3 lakhs and 18% GST.
  • 4% on grass monthly sale.
  • There is 5 years of renewal option.
  • Food supply: From central kitchen/approved vendor/brands only.


There are 2 models in momo magic cafe franchise

  1. Take away/ Delievery outlet / food court model (200-300 sq ft.)
  2. Dining model (300-600 sq.ft)


Company will provide full support to the customers.

  • Centralized inventory management and supply chain support.
  • Provision of full set of operating manuals including pre-opening and day to day operations.
  • Provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance.
  • Visits to franchised terriority for the purpose of management & financial advice and guidance.
  • Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts.
  • Continuous market research, development and introduction of new products.
  • Continuous update of operational manuals.

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