Best Passive Income Ideas in India

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Hello friends, you must have heard that along with your job in TV and older people, prepare away from where you get money sitting.
There is a saying in English: “Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket”.

There are so many things that you can make a passive income. Unless you choose the path of passive income, you will not be able to get rid of the financial problem. Even if you do not work, keep coming to you. This is a very important job. We work only 10 hours a day, the remaining hours are spent in our work. So what can we do so that we can prepare passive income sources from where we keep getting money without doing some work. So today in this blog I am going to tell you “Best Passive Income Ideas in India” so that you can create a source by working or investing just one turn.


You must have heard passive income is not directly passive income. You have to be active for at least one turn. Take a quote from anyone.

Fixed Deposit: –

Fixed deposit is a source where you earned money and transferred that money to a fixed deposit in the bank and after that, you get a commission of up to 6-7% on it. On the other hand, we have created a way that every month money will start coming. But the commission we get in this is a lot of work. We are not able to take that much passive income. Example: A year ago the price of petrol was 70 rupees and today the price of petrol is 85 rupees. Up to 20% inflation has come from last year till date and you will get only 7% commission on FD. Simply, you lost 13% commission.
Therefore, I suggest that you do not make the fund a passive income. If you want money security, then you can keep FD in the bank.


Fofo Model: –

Foco model means franchise on company operated. Where once you have invested, then that business is run by his company. You invest in it. This will give you a passive income.
Those who want a positive income, as well as their name, can come into the franchise business. If your business is franchised, then you can meet the franchisee consultant and sell it by making a model. When you can open it in another state. This business is very beneficial for you. (You can also take the help of franchise in it.)

Suggested Businesses are:- 

  1. Momo Magic cafe
  2. Food Boat
  3. 7/12 Natural fried Ice Cream parlour


YouTube: –

YouTube is a good passive income source. Where you can share your knowledge in front of people and earn money. There is a condition in this, 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and the channel has to monetize after 4000 hours. If this is done then you upload the daily video and every video will get money.


Create an ebook and sell on Amazon

Create an ebook and sell on Amazon

Create online course and sale: –

This source is one of the best passive Income Ideas in India. If you are a master, then you can take a course and sell it online (Udemy). For this, you also have the option to make your website and app and sell it.
You can also upload your course on Courses.Ashishaggarwal.Co

Rental Income

rental income

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